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24th May 2024




Debt can mount quickly when one dialysis treatment is $750.00 and three treatments are needed weekly to stay alive.

That is the reality for 32 year old Voldon Phillip, a Happy Hill resident who has been battling stage 5 kidney disease for the past two years.

Now as the bills mount, Voldon has had to cut treatments from three to two weekly.

To aid in reducing the massive debt which is in excess of one hundred thousand dollars, brother of Voldon, Venol Phillip, has planned a fundraiser for March 30th.

Venol says it’s a fight to make the two treatments per weeks, but a fight is on to get a Kidney to help his brother.

The fundraiser on Saturday will be at the St Paul’s community center, where a number of soca stars will perform.

Soca Ambassador Tallpree, Luny Spark and Electrify, Pinky Fabulous Ghage Maddis, Jab King, as well as DJ’s like Kelvertone International, Upgraded Family and others are all coming out to support the event.

Venol says his brother is his hero, fighting valiantly to stay alive, even though several timelines have been given for his life.

People who may be interested in donating items for the event, which will ensure treatment continue can contact telephone number 415 4500.


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