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13th April 2024




Whether it is the indiscriminate cutting of the foliage along the Grand Etang main road or the wayside garages which take away the ambiance of the Pure Grenada brand, president of the senate Chester Humphrey is asking government to reflect on the negative impacts these are having on the visitor outlook as well as the spreading of vector borne diseases.

Humphrey highlights that the wayside garages and derelict vehicles gather water, while also affecting the image Grenada has of a tropical paradise.

‘Strewn along the roadsides are old abandoned vehicles and garages which cut off the sidewalks and old abandoned vehicles gather water and provide a safe haven for pests and vermin of different types. Something has got to be done’ Humphrey told the Senate.

He is calling on environmental protection agencies as well as the ministry to tackle the unsightly problem.

Humphrey adds that the greenery in many of our tropical sites is being destroyed by the needless actions of debushers, who are not properly guided.

“Grand Etang has been butchered. The bamboo groves have angered someone and so they are assaulting our groves… the groves that give you that nice green tropical ambiance, you can smell the freshness sin the air and see the greenery.. and the hillsides that have the Grand Etang fern, they are chopping the ferns down”.

He says the exposed banks along the Grand Etang forest reserve would then convert into hundreds of mini slides during periods of heavy rainfall.

The president of the senate is fearful that if these actions continue the beauty of the ferns will be completely eradicated.

He pleads for immediate intervention for the preservation of natural resources by government, especially on the part of physical planning.

Mr. Humphrey also noted the unplanned deforestation in several areas including Annandale Falls, which would lead to a scarcity of water.

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