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25th May 2024




A two day training exposed butchers, staff and maintenance personnel at the Mirabeau Abattoir to safety regulations when using the facility.

The training was organized by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).

Its aim; To build the capacity of staff and butchers in the use of equipment, protect the welfare of animals and in the long term provide consumers with safer meat.

The training was conducted June 18 and 19.

During the two day engagement an assessment of equipment was facilitated, through Mr. Daniele Baccilieri from the Italy based company COGEMAT.

Coordinator Derek Charles is hopeful that following the training, staff would be more knowledgeable about the equipment, which should avoid costly repairs.

Just over a year in operation, its the second training at the facility, which floor Supervisor Amanda Francis says will help them to better understand their role in terms of safety.

Frankie Buckmire was one of the participants of the training.

His daily routine involves inspection of animals before slaughter.

This training exercise he says will help him better his craft.

Chief Veterinary and Livestock Officer within the Ministry of Agriculture Dr. Kimond Cummings deemed the training as timely.

IICA has been on board with this project since 2018.

The organization continues to provide equipment, assessment, comprehensive report and recommendations towards supporting the operations at Mirabeau.

The training was facilitated through the ministry of Agriculture, Works and Infrastructure.



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