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25th May 2024




The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) says it will be instituting a number of control measures as laid down by cricket west indies, for the 3rd and 4th ODIs, next Monday and Wednesday.

The list was published on the Grenada Cricket Association’s facebook page.

No glass bottles, , deck chairs, air and blow horn and branded drinks are amongst some of the cricket regulations not sitting too well with some Grenadians.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Jessmon Prince responsible for force operations and planning says the items were determined by cricket West Indies.

One of the restricted items is that of home cooked food.

Prince says the understanding is that the food storage must not infringe on people’s personal space, and should be able to fit into one’s seating space.

He believes though the arrangement is to allow people with concessionary arrangements with the association to be able to maximize on the opportunity.

If one is found in possession of any prohibited items, it will be taken away, the police have warned.

As for Music, no air horns, trumpets or anything metallic would be allowed, as according to cricket West Indies, it would interfere with broadcast equipment for the games.

There are some special considerations also for cellphone use. People at the games are not allowed to share scores or communicate the activity of the games with people outside of the games, especially for community activity.  If ignored, the police is warning that one can be arrested.

Police say traffic arrangements have already been finalized for the national cricket stadium and its immediate environs.


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