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24th June 2024




As Grenada begins a prolonged dry season, there are best practices officials are advocating should be adopted.

Some include Water Conservation, Fire prevention and Disaster preparedness.

The south of the island like most of the country is already feeling the effects of the dry season, however the area demands extra focus, as it is said to be especially vulnerable to water shortages and bush fires.

A community forum organized by the South St. George Disaster committee was called in an effort to further sensitize residents.

Acting Disaster Co-coordinator Sylvan Mc Intyre highlighted the need for people to safeguard themselves.

He says climate change and climate variability is with us for some time. He says natural phenomenons like earthquakes and hurricanes will become more severe.

With increased temperatures, more water will evaporate, further depleting water sources from rivers and streams.

Stakeholders such as the National Disaster Management Agency, the National Water and Sewage Authorityand the Fire department were on board to provide guidance.

With the dry season creating conditions ideal for bush fires, police Sergeant Franklyn Hamilton in his presentation encouraged people to create a fire break about 20 feet around their homes.

Despite the no burn policy and expected adherence, the sergeant admonished homeowners to take extra precautions to ensure their homes are protected in the event of fires.

He boasts of a reduction in the number of reported fire incidents in recent times, which he credits to education and outreach by his department.

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