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25th May 2024




Efforts are on the way to formulate a National Policy on Aging.

As a result a one-day consultation was held with stakeholders from the social development ministry, including the Grenada National Council of the Disabled.

Experts say the Caribbean is undergoing increasingly rapid population ageing, due to a number of factors such as increased life expectancy, declining birth rates, emigration of young adults and returning migration of residents at retirement age.

However, significant gaps still exist between policy and practice.

The Social Development Ministry with support from the Pan American Health Organization is looking at formulating a National Policy on Aging.

Statistical information shows in 2017, there were more than 71,500 people aged between 15 and 64 years.

A situational analysis is being carried out by Dr.Wendy Crawford- Daniel.

She says the process started weeks ago, with a number of engagements including desk reviews of existing policies locally, regionally and internationally.

Dr. Crawford-Daniel highlights that there are a lot of gaps yet to be identified while working with the elderly thus the hope is that the current process will be first stage in identifying gaps in service delivery to the elderly and other areas with recommendations to follow.

Monday’s session also looked at legislation to protect the rights of the elderly.

Gloria Payne- Banfield, a retiree says the policy is direly needed. She says with the challenges of early retirement and the rising retirement age, the question of what happens to retirees and how you can utilize these people with experience and knowledge in a human resource development program is left unanswered.

The feedback from the consultation will be sent to the Ministry, to be drafted into the final policy.

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