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25th May 2024




If you are a resident of Mt. Rich St. Patrick, and can’t gain proper health care due to the closure of the medical station in the area, then there is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

Health Minister Nickolas Steele has announced that funding has been secured for the project.

Residents of Mt Rich St Patrick, have been pleading with health officials to re-open the medical Station in the community so that they could have easier access to health care services.

The residents have been telling GBN that there’s no guarantee that they would receive services from the Sauteurs Health Centre and Hermitage Medical Station which were identified as alternatives when the center was closed three years ago.

Elderly citizens say those stations are too far for some of them to get to because they have mobility issues. They have also highlighted the cost associated with transportation to get them over to hermitage and Sauteurs.

Last month a Government official told GBN that the Mt. Rich Medical Station was shut because it was being under-utilized and therefore there was no need to keep the facility operational.

A caller on this morning’s To the Point program on GBN, pleaded with the Health Minister to address the issue.

Responding to the caller’s appeal, the Health Minister said he had some good news.

The station has been closed for repairs for more than a year.   Other health centers across the island will also be upgraded through projects announced by the Health Minister.

He cites the need for improved maintenance regime.

Minister Steel said they are trying to ensure that health centers are fully  equipped to  provide the best health care.

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