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25th May 2024




Health minister Nickolas Steele says he will take responsibility as the minister for health and the parliamentary representative for st george south to ensure illegal dumping at a private residence in Grand Anse will be addressed.

After airing a story on Monday about a mentally challenged man labeled as a hoarder by residents of the Limes in Grand Anse, St George, for piling loads of garbage around his home, Health Minister and Parliamentary Representative for St George South, Nicholas Steele, says he will take personal responsibility to ensure that issue is corrected.

Steele was a guest on Wednesday’s GBN’s To the Point Programme.

It is alleged that the man known in the area as Sexy, has been seen going out and returning with armfuls of items that have been discarded by members in the community and surrounding areas, including empty food cartons, plastic bags and empty boxers that have become home to flies, rats and other vermin.

A neighbour recorded the unsightly collection and vented about his discomfort.

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