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17th July 2024




It’s inter-Cal with a difference. Athletes with special needs will be on the tracks on day two of the games.

It’s a first for these students who are all physically challenged, twelve of whom will be on the tracks for inter-Cal 2023, as the Grenada Paralympics Committee seeks inclusion.

They represent two schools for special education; the Grenville and Victoria special ed. schools.

Teacher, Glen Alexander,  has shown a keen interest in physically challenged youngsters.  He rold GBN that the decision was taken at a recent AGM of the GPA and Tyler Smiths’ involvement in athletics.

However, although Tyler will participate in field events including, Discus, Javlin and Shortput, for which he has been in training with Coach Paul Phillip and Basanio Nickolas.

Alexander says this is the direction in which the Grenada Paralympics Association is heading.

Herman ‘Mello’ Peters who is physically challenged along and other members of the Grenada National Council for the Disabled, have offered their support to the athletes.

Grenada is finally turning the corner on inclusivity in sports whether students are fully or differently abled.

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