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24th July 2024




Grenada has received the Peter Gladding Memorial Award for the first time ever.

Cecil Marquez has been recognized for his contribution to sustainable commercial activities.

Gouyave resident, Cecil Marquez has been, and continues to play a pivotal role in sustainable commercial fishing throughout the tri island state.

This has landed him the Peter Gladding Memorial Award.

Marquez said being the very first Grenadian in the southern OECS islands to receive this award has broadened his scope on sustainable fishing.

He says the award has propelled him to take a stronger stance on marine resource management.

He highlighted on a Cuban fishing technique he introduced to Grenada in 1980 in regards to commercial fishing; where instead of using three lines, the long lines were the preference which he says has evolved, propelling Grenada to be ahead of its OECS Counterparts by 14 years. This he says is one of many initiatives that contributed to him receiving this award.

Marquez who also holds the positions of secretary and public relations officer for the Gouyave Fishermen Cooperative will be participating in a conference in the Dominican Republic over the weekend, followed by another in Panama.

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