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25th May 2024




Grenada is making inroads on its path to developing a national quality policy (NQP) under the programme ‘strengthening of the regional quality infrastructure’.

With funding from the Caribbean development bank (CDB) the Caricom regional organization for standards & quality (CROSQ) is administering the program.

The launch of the development process of Grenada’s quality policy was held in March of this year.

Grenada is in the final stages of the development process for a national quality policy which is due in December.

An interim report was later developed following the launch in March by the agency leading the process, MESOPARTNER, which looked at an assessment of the national infrastructure system.

Since then a draft policy has been developed and Mesopartner who is currently in Grenada met with cabinet on Monday and conducted a validation of the policy with stakeholders this morning.

Consultant with Mesopartner, Herman Edmonson explains that the quality policy would ensure that Grenada joins its regional colleagues in becoming a producer of goods and services which meet all the required standards.

He adds that the national quality policy would see standards and quality implemented across all sectors including consumers, service providers, manufacturing, tourism, fishing and agriculture.

Juliann Lowther who is also a consultant highlights that on Wednesday the project steering committee for the policy would be engaged in a governance workshop.

Mesopartner has recommended that the steering committee be converted to a quality council, an advisory body for the implementation process.

The completed policy would be submitted before the budget presentation on November 20th.

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