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17th July 2024




In observation of world meteorological day commemorated annually on march 23, the Meteorological (MET) service of Grenada embarked on an educational drive at two schools in St. Andrew.

Grenville is prone to flooding.

That was the reason behind the selection of the St Andrew Anglican and Methodist Schools for Thursday’s outreach programme.

The MET services set out to make the young ones more aware about weather conditions and some of the equipment used by MET officers.

The school outreach programme formed part of activities to observe World Meteorological Day.

This year’s theme is, – ‘The Future of Weather, Climate, and Water Across Generations’.

Acting Manager of the Meteorological Office, Gerard Tamar said these outreach activities will help students recognize and appreciate the change in weather patterns.

Mr. Tamar and his colleagues spoke with studentsabout the work of Meteorologists and highlighted instruments used.

This year also marked the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the Caribbean Meteorological Organisation, an achievement which is seen as  a major milestone for Caribbean Met officers.

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