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24th May 2024




One religious organization is using social media to discuss societal and spiritual issues, in an attempt to create interest among the youthful population.

With the increase in technology and social media becoming the one of the largest means of interaction, Grenada conference of seventh day Adventists has decided to launch a program specifically tailored for the youthful population.

Jamie Gordon youth director of the Grenada Conference of Seventh Day Adventists says given a mandate to preach the gospel, he has to reach the young people wherever they are, hence the social media platform.

Youth Live is broadcasted every Friday at 7:30pm. The programme will tackle social and spiritual issues, self development, culture and any topic that is of interest to young people.

He says a resource person and a panel of young people will be available weekly.

Gordon says the feedback has been overwhelming by locals and nationals in the diaspora, as the program does not discriminate and is open to any religious persuasion.

He says though initiated by the seven day Adventist church, it is open to all people of all denominations.

Gordon says the panel has had a number of social media training by professionals as it relates to proper posture, presentation and hosting, all in an attempt at improving the standard of the program.


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