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20th July 2024




A fiery situation in the south of the island over the weekend ended with one man losing most of his most cherished belongings, but he is of the belief that the situation may not have ended so tragically, if emergency responded were better equipped.

Fred Von Vogt’s believes his burning Yacht could have been saved from being completely destroyed, had the Grenada Coast Guard who responded to the emergency been more equipped to handle the situation.

His entire vessel was burnt in an unfortunate incident that occurred about one mile outside the Maurice Bishop International Airport on Saturday.

GBN news desk contacted ASP Watson Edwards Commanding officer at the Grenada Coast Guard, who told GBN they encountered a challenge with getting the blaze under control, as they do not have a water pump.

This he says is something they will be seeking to acquire in the not too distant future.

In an exclusive interview with Fred the vessel owner and Captain, he told GBN he is thankful that his life and that of his crew member were saved.

Fred says both himself and his crew member was able to get unto a dingy and waited for help.

He says he is ever grateful to all who reached out to him.

The vessel took with it some of his cherished memories.

ASP Edwards says as a safety measure, vessel owners must carry a fire extinguisher on board at all times and be observant. These he says are very important to note.

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