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19th May 2024




President of the public workers union Rachael Roberts says they are extremely disappointed with the lack of professional courtesy shown by government in delivering their response to the public workers and technical and allied workers unions called to a meeting with the government negotiating team on December 31st, the two unions counter-offered government’s request for a deferral of the 2021 4 percent salary increase due to public workers.

However, instead of responding directly to the unions and continuing discussions, Roberts says government went public with their response which she believes is an attempt to malign and discredit the unions and the workers.

This is the claim by President of the Public Workers Union Rachael Roberts on the government’s announcement that grants and loans were used to repurchase WRB’s shares in Grenlec.

Roberts cited blatant disrespect, deception and indirect threats hidden within the wording of the government’s press statement.

She says government’s release seemed to paint a picture that public workers are greedy, instead to returning to the negotiating table with the unions.

The PWU President notes that government must now find a solution just as in the case of the WRB shares.

The Union Leader addressing government’s claim that it cannot project when it can pay the salary increase, impresses that they don’t accept the words of government as it is plagued with falsehoods.


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