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17th July 2024




Former workers at the Soubise Fisherman Co-operative society Lt in St Andrews are calling for justice and request that a formal investigation be done into their termination, as they claim that the over 30 thousand dollars missing from the society are in no way their fault.

Yolanda Francois said she and two other colleagues were terminated from their jobs at the Fisherman Co-operative society Lt in St Andrew, after being accused of being the masterminds behind the disappearance of over 38 thousand dollars missing from their former employers.

The former sales clerk says she is innocent and can prove so, as she along with the two other people pinned in the scandal consistently presented balanced financial records and daily earnings to the manager at the end each work day.

She says they are not responsible for what happened to the money after it was handed over to the management, and therefore they should not be held accountable.

According to Francois, only the three sales clerks were fired in relation to the missing money.

She says the trio feels like they were made the scapegoats, as no meetings were held with them which would have given them the opportunity to defend themselves.

Now she says they are being bullied into paying back the money to the cooperative, something they will not agree to.

When contacted by GBN on Wednesday the manager at the society referred the news team to the board of directors and provided a number for the secretary.

When called, the secretary in an impolite tone indicated that she will not comment on the matter and that if the news team needs to speak to the president or vice president we should obtain their telephone numbers from the former workers.

Franscio who believes that their daily records can clear their names is calling for a proper investigation by the soubise Fisherman Co-operative society Lt, which involves police and external bodies so that the real culprit can be found.

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