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25th May 2024




Three areas of wetlands in Grenada may soon be designated ‘Ramsar Sites’.

The announcement was made by forestry and fisheries minister Alvin Dabreo on Saturday, in a national address on World Wetlands Day.

Observed annually on February 2nd, the day recognizes the protection and sustainable use of wetlands.

The day is celebrated on the theme ‘wetlands and climate change.

Some of the criteria for Ramsar site designation stipulates the  areas must be a habitat for endangered species or be areas that serve as an important spawning ground or nursery for endangered marine life.

Grenada at present only has one designated Ramsar Site, the Levera Wetland, with a surface area of 518 hectares.

Pointing to the importance of Wetlands in Grenada, Minister Dabreo says the ministry is committed to maintaining and meeting global targets and standards in regards to multilateral environmental agreements.

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