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22nd June 2024




On Saturday 9th March, the Grenada Women in Sports Commission will celebrate International Women’s Day. Female Athletes, Coaches and Administrators from all Grenada’s National Sporting Associations have been invited to attend the event.

The event will be held at the new Olympic House building in Morne Rouge beginning at 1:30pm. Representatives from the National Karate Association, led by talented black belt athlete Janelle Glasgow will put on a show of their skills followed by a self-defence class for all those present.

The athletes will be presented with Purple and White T-Shirts sporting the #IWD2019, #BALANCEFORBETTER” logos and will then take part in walk around the Morne Rouge area to celebrate the importance of women in society.

There will be welcome remarks by Dr. Jane Noel, Chair of the Women in Sports Commission, while  Mrs. Alexander Otway-Noel will present the feature address on the positive role of women in Grenada.

“The Women in Sports Commission of the Grenada Olympic Committee is committed to supporting our young female athletes through the rigors of sport, education and life in general”. Regular events throughout the year are aimed to address topics of importance and forge supportive, positive friendships for a life time.


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