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20th July 2024




As consultations continue towards establishing Grenada as the first Climate Smart City in the region, the necessity of the move was explained by a visiting consultant, who appeared on GBN’s To the Point Programme on Wednesday.

Project coordinator for Climate Smart Cities; Grenada, Patrick Lamson-Hall says the most obvious challenge Grenada faces is that of rising sea levels.

He says rising sea levels threatens some of Grenada’s economic and heritage assets, including the Carenage and Grand Anse Beach.

Lamson-Hall further adds that the climate smart cities program is aimed at addressing issues of grey infrastructure, while improving the social and economic capacity to build resilience of individual Grenadians.

The research scholar, who is attached to New York University, highlights that the nine projects within the climate smart program will seek to uplift the quality of life of Grenadians.

He says there are currently ten international experts in Grenada working with technical staff within the public sector.

Lamson-Hall says they are looking at methods to identify which of the nine projects should begin first and fast track Grenada’s progress to climate resilience.

He says Grenada has made incredible progress as it relates to addressing climate change, crediting the existing programs that arose after 2005.

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