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25th May 2024




Followings Sunday’s announcement of a record number of new covid19 cases in Grenada, mostly originating from Sandals Resort, questions arose surrounding how the situation got out of hand, given the protocols that were supposed to be in place.

Social media was alight on Sunday with allegations that Sandals Resort guests and staff have been privileged to enjoy leniency with regards to covid19 protocols at the resort.

This followed the announcement of a massive spike in covid19 cases coming out of the resort.

How and why this happened are yet to be determined.

Dr. George Mitchell of the Covid19 Advisory Committee sought to provide clarity on what could have led to the outbreak, while appearing on GBN’s To the Point Program.

He said although accusations are rife, Sandals has been using the original COVID19 protocols which required a negative PCR test; seven days old or less.

Dr. Mitchell said after reviewing the protocol Sandals resorts had to abide by, it was established that risk of infection or transmission of COVID19 was minimal.

GBN visited the government of Grenada’s official covid19 site which stated guests staying at approved ‘pure safe travel accommodations hotels and resorts will “not” normally be tested on arrival.

It further stated that guests will not be liable to take any further tests unless if during their stay they wish to leave the ‘pure safe travel accommodations’. They will then need to take a PCR test after the 4th day of their stay.


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