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25th May 2024




The Rastafarian community believes they should have a say in the decision making process, should the laws be amended to decriminalize marijuana; but they want more than that – in this exclusive interview with GBN’s Christlina John the Rastafarians are calling for the total legalization of marijuana.

Empress Mutoro and elder Bongo Stari of the House of the Nyahbinghi in La Mode St. Patrick.

The Rastafarians say, for too long Rasta as a peaceful people have been prosecuted for Ganja, and believes the time has come for government to see beyond just the smoking of the herb, and see the economic value as well as employment and revenue generation potential for the country’s development.

Speaking to elder of the house of the Nyahbinghi in St. Patrick, Bongo Stari he said they use the herb as an offering. He said it is their sacrament, just like the churches uses bread and wine, the same way marijuana is used.

Usually in the House of the Nyahbinghi, females are less spoken however Empress Muturo was quite vocal this time with reason. She dispels the notion that marijuana is blamed for mental meltdown. She looks at the medicinal use of the herb.

A young member of the Rastafarian community believes cannabis can serve as an escape route from poverty. Materials such as rope, paper, chip board, oils , soap among others can be made from Cannabis.

Overall education is most important, as another member of the community points out. Bongo Shaka warns youth against the abuse of marijuana as it is sacred. He said it should not be used by people who don’t understand what they are using. Its sacred hence people should not walk the street smoking it like crazy.

In Grenada marijuana remains an illegal substance which carries a fine or confinement sentence.

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