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20th July 2024




The plan for a scaled-down version of spicemas, tailored to allow minimum risk of covid infection, was detailed during Monday’s media launch of spicemas for 2022.

This includes a vaccination mandate for all events.

Everyone must be fully vaccinated in order to participate in Spicemas 2022 activities, whether as a competitor or a spectator.

There will also be some major reshuffling of the days that the major musical competitions will be held.

The announcements were made during Monday’s Media Launch of Spicemas 2022 by Chairman of the Spicemas Corporation Arley Gill.

These regulations fall under the corporation’s ‘Plan A’ for the island’s major cultural extravaganza.

According to Gill, SMC met and consulted with multiple facets of the community to share plans for carnival; including religious leaders, political parties, and other stakeholders.

One of the main decisions was that there will be no J’ouvert on Carnival Tuesday, but instead J’ouvert activities will be held in each parish on carnival Monday.

He detailed some Covid-inspired changes to the parade of the bands on Carnival Tuesday which include a vaccination mandate for revelers and on-lookers.

This year’s fancy mas band parade will be held under one theme.

Each band will then produce one section using the theme.

SMC board members say they will monitor the pandemic, as it is still early in the year, and if the dynamics change, a plan B version of Spicemas will be brought to parliament, which will propose the removal of all regulations.


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