Grenada Broadcasting Network

21st July 2024




The US hospital ship “comfort” will make its inaugural call to Grenada in September.

The ship’s medical team is expected to provide a range of health services including surgeries, to over five hundred Grenadians.

Dr. Francis martin, Senior Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health, says the ship is expected to arrive September 13th and depart on September 23rd.

As part of its mission, the team will be providing screening services  at two locations, the Grenada Trade Center and the National Stadium from September 15th to the 20th.

Dr. Martin acknowledges surgeries are likely to be carried out on board the vessel.

Dr. Martin said they would like to treat as many as possible, so he is appealing to those who do not require services to refrain from registering and clogging the system.

Those who have to undergo surgery and are required to remain on board the ship overnight, are advised to have one family member accompany them.

All services will be offered free to Grenadians.

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