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21st April 2024




The process has begun for Tyler Smith. thanks to the overwhelming support given to him by numerous Grenadians, contributing towards his travel and accommodation.

A number of Grenadians, groups, and organizations, have come forward to assist Tyler Smith on his journey toward getting a prosthetic leg. These include Ras Dachari, miss Sandra, and the national lotteries authority.

His procedure began earlier this week at the NCPD Prosthetic Rehabilitation and Repairs Center in St Lucia. In an exclusive interview on Friday, Glen Alexander, a teacher accompanying Tyler, provided an update on what was done thus far and how much Tyler will be able to do with his new leg.

Alexander explained that the service provided by the professionals at the organization, is nothing short of exceptional.

Tyler has had great motivation, as two of the technicians also have prosthetic legs.

Tyler shared his experience and expressed gratitude to those who made his trip a success.

Tyler will have to return to St. Lucia in one week’s time to have his leg fitted. The Prosthetic leg comes at a cost of approximately fifteen thousand EC dollars but is provided free of cost to Tyler at the NCPD Prosthetic Rehabilitation and Repairs Center through the World Pediatric Project.

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