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21st February 2024




Attorney Anslem Clouden has described the accident which took the life of 22-year-old Kimon Bell as a tragic occurrence.

The lawyer claims that to date no official has reached out to the bell family to offer sympathies.

Attorney at Law Anslem Clouden says he is baffled at the lack of empathy shown by the authorities following the tragic death of Kimon Bell out at sea.

Clouden who specializes in maritime law notes that they are still awaiting an autopsy, highlighting that he has indicated to the deputy commissioner of police the need for another pathologist or specialist representing the interest of the family.

The attorney alleges that the death of Kimon Bell came as a result of the coast guard’s reckless disregard for observing the rules as required of military and para-military ships to be lit at all times.

Father of the deceased, Kimon Bell, is unmoved by the report given by the coast and is calling out for justice.

Clouden believes the coast guard was negligent and the authorities should step forward and open negotiations for some form of compensation to the family.

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