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25th May 2024




The calypso fraternity is mourning the loss of a cultural icon.

Lincoln ‘Bubbler’ John passed on Saturday, after ailing for some time.

He died at his home in Marley St. Patrick’s at the age of fifty-six.

Bubbler entered the art form in the early 1980’s.

Some of his bigger hits range from ‘Put ah hand for the Calypsoian’, ‘Chester Humphrey in charge’, ‘Calypso at any cost’ and ‘Leave the cock on the bottle.

Though never winning a crown, he is remembered by fellow artistes for the stellar contribution he made.

Former monarchs Edson Mitchell ‘Ajamu’ and Kelly Clyne ‘ Roots Man Kelly’  see Bubbler as one of the artistes who have paved the way for  the younger generation.

Both are advocating for artiste recognition before they transition.

As Rootsman Kelly, a former Calpyso and Independence Monarch puts it “Give them their flowers before they die”.

“I don’t think we should wait for such an occasion to pay tribute to the artistes. We should pay tribute to the artistes while they are living. It’s a long time now Bubbler was sick. He was on machines, going through a lot of pain and stress and I didn’t hear anybody come forward and try to assist him in anyway, be it the government, be it the private sector, be it Spicemas Corporation or one of the Calpyso associations, nobody! I think they should really give the Calpysonians their flowers before they die” Kelly told GBN.

9 times Calpyso King Ajamu, expressing similar sentiments, remembers Bubblers’ love for the art form and his way of crafting his songs.

“A good soldier has left the battlefield. I just wish our people will someday start to recognize people for their contribution and what they have done, instead of this when everybody is singing a song, singing Bubbler song. Bubbler was always consistent…what he believes in… his message…. He never strayed from that,” The King reflected.

He says Bubbler was one Calpysonian he really had great respect for.

Bubbler is one of those persons he thinks deserved being bestowed with the “cultural ambassador” title.

“A lot of people being awarded cultural ambassador and being awarded official diplomatic passport and all those things, but in my gut, its people like Bubbler, because when you look at this man’s work, there is so much valid issues he addressed that would benefit society. Its for the authority to see it fitting to recognize… ‘Jabjab on me tombstone’ anybody could say that. What does that benefit? And with due respect to those young men. I love them and I always try to encourage them to do thing…. Make significant things.. make songs people could benefit from because at the end of the day the question would be what have you contributed to your society and Bubbler has made more than a valid contribution and some street or something somewhere should called Bubbler… Bubbler Street or Bubbler park or something like that.”

Rootsman Kelly sees this as another sad day, as Bubblers’ passing brings the number of artiste dying in recent times to four.

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