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20th July 2024




Over the weekend Facebook was ablaze with an image being circulated with green turtle with a rope tied around its neck, in what, appeared to be the grand Anse area.

However, on Tuesday Acting Chief Fisheries Officer Francis Toby Calliste said there is a no nonsense approach to cruelty to these sea creatures, but stood firm on the legislation that governs the harvesting of such creatures.

A number of nature lovers, conservation groups and concerned citizens, both locally and regionally took to Facebook after a picture of a green turtle in captivity started circulating.

The image showed a man with a turtle on its shell, with a rope tied around its neck.

A number of concerns were expressed, with islanders considered starting a petition to boycott travels to Grenada.

GBN took the concern to the acting chief fisheries officer, Francis Calliste, who says his department takes a no nonsense approach to cruelty to these sea creatures.

Calliste noted however that while all the species are considered endangered in other countries, in Grenada, it is only an offence to harvest the leather back turtles.

He added that based on the laws that govern the land, once these sea creatures are harvested within the open season, it is not a violation.

However, there are stipulations that must be followed.

“There is also a weight limit, the turtle must be over 25 pounds, anything less you will be committing an offense.”

The harvesting of turtles closes on April 1st and reopens on August 31st annually.

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