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2nd March 2024




A joint of marijuana, the crack of a firearm, an injured swimmer and coach, an angry father and two stabbed police officers.

That’s the beginning and making of the type of stories that Hollywood covert into blockbuster movies.

It’s possible that David Ambrose, Geoffrey Gilbert or Merle Collins may one day produce the script that makes it to the screen.

A Black Flag with the inscription R.I.P hoisted at a neighbor’s yard, in remembrance of Trevor Regis.

He attacked two police officers in town of St. George on Friday and was shot. Regis was rushed to hospital but did not live to tell the story.

For Fontenoy residents, it was a case of living with simplicity and quiet passion and dying with the qualities intact.

Throughout their story telling, none condoned his action on Friday.

Nine days before going on a rampage, inflicting nine stab wounds on the two on-duty police officers, Regis spoke passionately in an interview with the GBN about the police having shot his son when he was found smoking a spliff of marijuana.

His death was the culmination of a story which started on October 21st with his son Chris Regis smoking a joint of marijuana, the crack of a police firearm, which injured the swim coach. That drew the ire of an angry father. Nine days later he goes to visit his son at the hospital and later proceeds to stab two police officers nine times. He was shot as they responded to his actions.

The family awaits the result of an autopsy to determine whether he died as a result of the gunshot wounds or from the impact of a fall after he was shot.

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