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22nd June 2024




NDC Caretaker for Carriacou and Petite Martinique Tevin Andrews calls for governance on the sister isles as he says just as Spice mas 2020 hosted virtual events, so too should Kayak Mas 2021.

He insists that the cancellation of this year’s events reflects a lack of creativity on the part of the organisers.

Andrews believes that a scaled-down version of events should’ve been held this year.

Andrews says creativity should be applied to help deal with the economic impact that no Kayak Mas 2021 has had on the island and its residents. He says while the health and safety of the people remain paramount, the economic and social aspects of their lives should also be taken into consideration, especially the people directly impacted by the annual event.

The NDC caretaker says it’s not too late and is appealing to the carnival committee to rethink their decision of cancelling Kayak Mas 2021.


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