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18th May 2024




Public utilities minister Gregory Bowen has been summoned to court, as telecommunication companies battle for LTE supremacy.

Minister Bowen, along with the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority ECTEL and the National Telecommunication Regulatory Commission NTRC has been named in a suit, brought on by LIME Liberty Flow, who constituted legal proceedings against them.

According to the Minister, they are accused BY Flow of favoritism, over a license granted to Digicel for LTE.

The Minister Says FLOW is asking the NTRC to revoke the license.

Minister Bowen says before the court was asked to review the matter, there were varying possibilities the contentious party could have explored.

With the LTE network aimed at giving customers the experience of data speeds that are up to 10 times faster than 3G networks, the decision to fight a competitor for the advantage is no surprise.

Minister Bowen says it would have been unfair to ask DIGICEL to wait while FLOW and Aislecom settled their territory dispute.

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