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1st March 2024




“School administrators hands are tied in the face of technological advancement.”

That’s according to an educator of more than fifty years.

The conversation comes as the summer holidays have taken flight, in preparation for the new school term.

Since 1974, Victor Ashby, served as principal, up to his retirement in 2013.

He says disciplining students, throughout the 39 years, cannot be compared to the challenges confronting school administrators today.

In the face of the education system, also comes challenges of technological advancements, which Mr. Ashby says has made it increasingly difficult for teachers to discipline and guide students.

“These are not the days like in my time.. We could have withhold that gadget and could have given it back on a Friday. And if a student come with it again we withhold again and parent agree with us. You can’t do that these days, there is all kind of legal challenges.”

As technology continues to evolve and its use expands, Educators say it important to teach children about “responsible use”.

However the former GBSS Principal says school administrators hands are tied.

“In some instances I would say the teachers hands, the school’s hands are very tied. That which is available to him is a set of electronic gadgets and a child without an electronic gadget in this day and age is like a fish without water. He has to be in connection with a gadget and almost every electronic gadget gives the user more than they bargained for. And here’s where the teachers come in. Teachers at all levels have to seek to make the child appreciate how to extract from the electronic gadget to enhance their well being.”

With the summer vacation officially started from Monday,  students are being told to get involved in activities that promotes their well-being…equally parents are reminded to monitor their children’s interaction, particularly as it relates to use of tech gadgets.

One reminder sounded to parent, tablets and gadgets are NOT baby sitters.



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