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25th May 2024




When one person hurts the entire community feels the ache. In this instance two sets of families are in pain, following Fridays fatal stabbing of two Police Officers and the shooting of one man later resulting in his death.

One begs the question, was it a Suicide mission by the now deceased? The story continues to spark questions from all around.

That was Dennison George a Grenadian Attorney based in New York.

He was guest on Monday nights’ Beyond the Headlines Program.

George believes that police officers need to think twice before applying force in certain situations.

In a discussion with GBN, an interviewee pointed out that police officers may be stressed and under pressure and need some form of counseling.

Clinical Physiologists Dr. Augustine Panchoo echoed similar sentiments. However he suggests that there could be other triggers.

Dr. Panchoo believes the minister for National Security has a role to perform and should step forward in addressing this situation, since it is a national security issue.

As unfortunate as the circumstances have been, those addressing the issue say the positive that has emerged from the shooting at Gouyave several months ago and the recent Fontenoy incident is that a conversation has started.

They hope that the police and the National Security Ministry will not let this crisis go to waste but seek instead to continue the discussion and implement actions which will create greater trust between the police and the people they swear to serve without fear or favour.


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