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14th June 2024




Grenada Teachers Schools Supplies has been accused of not accepting governments’ vouchers, but the store says that is not the whole story.

Some Parents have claimed that obtaining school supplies were put on hold, as they were turned away by Grenada Teacher’s Schools Supplies in St. George’s with vouchers in hand.

They say they were told that government did not honour its commitment in making payments to the store, and for this reason they were not accepting the vouchers.

GBN visited teachers school supplies on Thursday and was told that this claim was false and the store is in fact accepting vouchers.

The employee said that some of the items requested were not available at the store at the time, resulting in some persons being turned away without cashing their vouchers.

Program manager in the Prime Ministers’ office Mrs. Carina Aird was also contacted about payments to the supply store, and she says there is no outstanding balance.

The program manager says all accounts are cleared before proceeding to the next cycle, and stores are now in the process of redeeming vouchers.

Store owners have up to the end of September to submit all collected vouchers.

Vouchers are valued at $50 each for Children at preschool, $100 for primary school and $150 for Secondary schools.

The maximum for one household is $450.

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