Grenada Broadcasting Network

6th December 2023




Travellers coming to Grenada are creating additional challenges for the country’s heath authorities by constructing new ways to breach the islands covid 19 protocols.

In recent weeks, the Ministry of Health discovered a disturbing trend in which travellers are trying to enter fake numbers or codes for accommodation reservations into the online application for their entry travel certificate.

A valid hotel booking or approved home stay for the mandatory quarantine period of 7 days is required by law for entry into Grenada, as part of its COVID 19 protocols.

However in an exclusive interview with GBN Health Minister Nickolas Steele warns about the implications of such acts.

Prior to this visitors coming to Grenada have breached quarantine protocols 4 to 5 times putting the lives of Grenadians at risk of contracting COVID19.

The Minister says that knowingly trying to circumvent the entry requirements, including entering false accommodation reservations upon application for entry, is illegal under the laws of Grenada.

Grenada currently has only two active cases of COVID 19 in quarantine, and all positive cases, to date, have been imported or import-related.

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