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19th May 2024




The four MPs of the big parish have established a committee to ensure the tourism, cultural, social and health sectors within the parish are properly managed.

The four elected members of parliament of St. Andrew: Delma Thomas, Yolande Bain-Horsford, Emmalin Pierre and Kate Lewis have joined forces to ensure the well-being of every constituent.

In recent years parishioners have voiced a number of concerns regarding the health care system within the St Andrew, together with a lag in tourism and cultural activities.

During the weekly post cabinet briefing, one of the four MPs for St Andrew, Delma Thomas, announced that a committee will be established to help improve all of the various sectors that need addressing.

She added that the council of ministers has already met with a number of parish organizations like the St. Andrew Cricket League, and persons in the health and educator sector on the way forward.

Minister Thomas says four tourism sites have been identified in St Andrew to be developed, together with improving the night life for the parish.

The Clabone area, Pearls Air Strip and Rainbow City Festival are some of the elements of the parish targeted for development.

Minister Thomas noted this is a great undertaking and as result not every issue put forward can be resolved right away.


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