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19th May 2024




The start of the season for the Nesting and Hatching of the endangered female leatherback turtles, on Levera Beach, is once again with us. SPECTO in collaboration with Ocean Spirits Research Team and the Department of Fisheries will begin the protection process of the female leatherback turtle through our guided Turtle Tours, April 1, 2018.

Firstly, we wish to engage the people of St Patrick and Grenada, to recognize a national and community asset in Grenada, namely “The leatherback Turtle” an endangered species found only on three beaches in the entire Caribbean, LEVERA beach in St Patrick being one of the most popular sites in Grenada. We call on you to recognize your assets, become aware of your role and duty in the protection of this famous species, take pride and become involved in its protection, to ensure that your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, our future generations will enjoy the exhilarating experience of the nesting and hatching that all visitors, local as well as foreigner have been enjoying over the last ten years or more.

We wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you the general public, in particular the public of St Patrick, the Prime Ministers of Grenada Past and Present, the Ministers of Tourism past and present, the Parliamentary Representatives of St Patrick’s East and West, past and present, Ministry of Fisheries, the Ministry of Environment,  Grenada Tourism Authority, Tour Operators, The Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association, Ocean Spirits, SGU students, Schools, community and church groups and the visitors to our Island for their valued assistance and support for “SPECTO guided Turtle Tours, at Levera Beach.”

Your Interest has helped this activity to develop into one of Grenada’s finest Eco- Tourism products, probably the purest product under the Grenada Pure Tourism brand in becoming a much sort after and a popular tour. Visitors are now planning their holidays, with a guided tour to the nesting, as a must do activity when they visit Grenada, while our local visitors are bringing family and friends to be a part of this amazing experience.

SPECTO has welcomed and will continue to listen to all your suggestions that can and will help us to develop, enhance and enrich this product as a unique experience for our people and visitors alike.

About us (SPECTO)

SPECTO is a Non- Profit Organisation (NGO).  Our mission is to develop and coordinate eco-tourism and other activities in the parish of St. Patrick which will contribute to the advancement of the people of the parish by increasing job opportunities while protecting endangered species and the environment in general.

We are reaching out to encourage all those who have not done so as yet to Support our 2018 conservation efforts at Levera beach by joining us in the


Thank You.




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