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17th June 2024




Health Officials are strongly advising against skin bleaching.

Bleaching or skin lightening is said to be linked to certain skin cancers, according to Senior Medical Officer in the Ministry of  Health,  Dr. Francis Martin.

Owing to popular trends or in some cases inferiority complexes, skin lightening has become widespread in Grenada and other territories.

Bleaching products contains dangerous chemicals, which according to Dr. Martin are harmful to organs.

Research shows Hydroquinone – described as the “biological equivalent of paint stripper” – can remove the top layer of skin, increasing a person’s risk of skin cancer, liver and kidney damage.

Mercury can lead to the development of life-threatening health problems and even poisoning.

Both can be found in skin lightening creams.

Dr. Martin says for people suffering from skin pigmentation disorders or other similar conditions, safe solutions are available.

In those cases the patients should use the medicated creams or ointments under the supervision of a doctor.

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