Grenada Broadcasting Network

17th May 2024




The challenges which the local poultry sector faces are not only external but more so internal.

The Poultry Policy which was drafted in 2017 was lauded as the saving grace for the industry has failed to live up to its glorious expectations.

Loopholes within the policy involve an unregulated sector whereby price control for locally produced meat and eggs are not set and markets not determined or monitored.

Small to medium and even large sized Farmers are not fully protected under the policy and Jason Phillip says they can easily be disadvantaged.

Three years on since the last draft of the poultry policy, stakeholders are still at deadlock with the COVID-19 pandemic throwing the discussions into a tailspin.

The changes within the sector were not covered in draft policy, with the two major investments to come onstream in 2021 posing a threat to local farmers as well as importers of poultry products if not regulated.

Despite the concerns, Phillip welcomes such investments, advocating for investors to enter the value-added industry for poultry.

The association is also looking internally to strengthen strategic relationships with government and other stakeholders while changing their mode of operations.

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