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17th June 2024




Not just another document for the shelves.

That’s what the planning committee of the National Sustainable Development Plan 2035, is promising.

Public consultations have begun on the plan, which would chart the development of Grenada over a 15-year period.

It is said that one of the weaknesses of Grenada as a State is the absence of a comprehensive long term Strategic Development Plan.

This, economists say can adversely affects Government’s ability to deliver sustained macro-economic management.
A National Strategic Plan was first developed, in 2007 and again an attempted in 2011.

There have been a National Strategic Development Plan 2007, Alternative Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy 2013, growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy 2014 and a social Compact 2015, all with similar intentions.

Dr.Kari Grenade, who heads the Technical Working Group of the National Sustainable Development Plan 2035, says the sectoral consultations have been completed and they have just started public consultations on the plan.

She says serious emphasis is being placed on the implementation of the strategy which will bring real solutions to the problems Grenada faces.

The first phase of the plan will cover a three year cycle, from 2020 to 2022.

The Technical Working G  roup comprises Dr Kari Grenade, Dr Linus Spencer Thomas, Fitzroy James, Pauleen Finlay, Lidonne Glasglow, Dr John Telesford and Dr Nicole Phillip-Dowe.

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