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25th May 2024




Two schools have been declared unsafe learning environments. The Boca Secondary School and the St. Paul’s government school remain on temporary closure.  According to an education official, efforts are still being made to rectify the existing threats at both schools. Teachers and students at the St. Paul’s Government School have been experiencing discomfort as a result of Mold infestation at the school, and were asked to vacate the institution pending a resolution. This information was relayed to our news desk by Acting Chief education officer Angela Finley. The acting chief education officer says they received the information within the past two months and have since called in a company to treat the condition.

Mrs. Finley says on Monday when staff and students turned up at the school they started experiencing irritations and itching of the eye. Growths she said reappeared in areas that were treated and areas where there was no growths now had. A reassessment followed on Tuesday with the hope of students returning to the classroom soonest.

Miss Finley added that they as a ministry would not want the students to return to the classroom without determining weather or not the irritability will continue for the staff. what would happen she said is another two days of treatment of the facility will be conducted, then have teachers alone return on Thursday to analyse their level of comfort, with he hope of students turning out for school by Friday.

Students of the Boca Secondary school were sent home temporarily pending repairs to the schools electrical fixtures. Acting Chief education officer Angela Finley explains that some work has already taken place in this regard but had to be revisited.

Over the weekend a sparking pole was detected that was traced to a defective cable connected to the three phase current that service the school. As a result GRENLEC had the facility  closed down and has since taken steps to rectify the problem. She added that the entire compound is at risk because of that situation and is hopeful that the problem would be solved within a two day span. She said they do not wish to endanger the safety of students. On Tuesday students of the St. Andrews School for Special Education and the Grenville Pre-Primary School returned to their classroom, as these two institutions recently underwent upgrades.




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