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17th July 2024




A Cabinet decision is pending regarding the removal of sweetened beverages and hard candies from sale at schools.

That’s according to Charisse Bristol, a nutrition education and promotion officer at the Grenada Food and Nutrition Council.

The submission was made to cabinet through the Ministry of Education.

The schools Nutrition Policy was approved by cabinet in 2016 with the aim of promoting healthy eating among the nations’ children, and to curb the rise in obesity and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes.

According to Ms. Bristol, 10 schools were used as pilots for testing the Nutrition policy.

To ensure the effective roll out of the policy, the Grenada Food and Nutrition Council held a number of engagements with parents, children, cooks at the schools and vendors.

One area of focus was menu standardization, through the school feeding programme. Cooks were trained on preparing according to standards.

Training was also done with vendors, showing them healthier ways to prepare snacks for children.

She says based on the policy requirements, they have seen some improvement in the school.

Presently they are in the process of installing billboards at the pilot schools.

Parents are advised to pack healthy lunch boxes for their children, and to include a fruit.

The pilot schools will be visited at intervals to ensure the policy is being maintained.

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