Grenada Broadcasting Network

17th June 2024




Hospital Director at the general hospital Dr. Carol McIntosh is calling on the general public to be considerate of others when visiting family members at the general hospital.

She says while the visiting hours remain the same social distance needs to be maintained creating a long list of persons waiting to visit the various wards.

Due to COVID 19, the Ministry of Health implemented a series of protocols within the general hospital. The aim is to protect all those within the facility from contracting the virus.

One of the protocols is to decrease the number of persons that will be allowed to visit family members in the hospital, as they only accept 6 visitors within a ward at a given time.

She is asking the public to be compassionate about how much time they spend within the wards as others are left waiting to visit their family members.

MCINTOSH says that the public should also keep in mind, that while they understand that relatives will like to see their families, it is important to keep them safe from any additional virus that may worsen their situation.

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