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21st July 2024




The late Brian Griffith is being described as one of those quiet cultural icons, who worked behind the scenes building the calypso art form.

Now that he has transitioned, former calypso monarch Finley Jeffery (Scholar) is advocating for Brian to be recognized in some significant way.

9 times Calypso Monarch Finley Jeffery (Scholar) recalls Brian Griffith as the man responsible for introducing Groovy to Grenada back in 2005.

Many who knew Griffith says he was the driving force behind many cultural advances in Grenada.

Reminiscing on the Calypso Association’s formative years, Jeffery highlights his involvement.

“Griffith was a calypso stalwart who never sang, he went about his business quietly but his effect on the art form was profound and many people did not know it. He was always involved in administratively in calypso, always there even with the old calypso association.”

Jeffery is calling for some form of acknowledgement for the fallen icon, for his valuable contribution throughout the years.

Brian Griffith is described as a prolific writer, who was versatile in scripting different genres of music, from groovy and calypso, to Power Soca.

He was the brain child behind Scholars’ hit song last year ‘Pum pum’.

He also wrote for and was the driving force behind his daughter, female artiste Nnika Francis’ success, as she became the first Grenadian female to enter the finals of the International Soca competition in Trinidad.

Jeffery says GPACT will meet with Brian’s family to do something in his honor.

Elwyn Mc Quilkin (Black Wizard) says Brian was more like family to him.

“We had a great relationship, we did all things together, organizing shows. We had showbiz promotion where we organized the ex-tempo competition for a number of years.

Brian Griffith passed on September 3rd.

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