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25th May 2024




Pure Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean achieved a historic milestone in 2018 welcoming more than half a million visitors to the destination’s shores.

Spread across key niche markets, the Grenada Tourism Authority – GTA, says the combined cruise, yachting and stay over arrivals for 2018 was five hundred and twenty eight thousand and seventy – seven representing a 12.90% increase over 2017.

The strong performance was recorded in stay over arrivals with an increase of 9.97%, moving from one hundred and forty six thousand – three hundred and seventy five (146,375) to one hundred and sixty thousand- nine hundred and seventy (160,970) visitors with special mention given to the bumper Christmas season in which a growth of 17% was recorded.

Canada recorded the highest growth rate in 2018 with a 19.05% increase, followed by the USA at 12.38%  and the Caribbean at 6.87%.

Significant growth was also recorded in non-traditional markets that included Latin America at 13.28% and the category representing all other parts of the world at 18.27%.

The USA maintains the top spot in market share for arrivals to the destination at 46.93% followed by the United Kingdom.

The yachting sector recorded double-digit growth of 10.82.

As it relates to cruise arrivals, the sector grew by 14.49% due to larger cruise ship calls.

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