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25th May 2024




As the Christmas season approaches, the Royal Grenada Police Force is attempting to get the public more involved in resolving traffic issues and preventing the escalation of crime normally reported during this period. The community relations department of the RGPF fielded calls from the public on Tuesdays  “To The Point” program.

Issues with traffic was the major concern shared by callers who cited several situations in which motorists have appeared to have lost all sense of the highway code. The concern was shared by the members of the Royal Grenada Police Force and callers in the face of a notable string of accidents each week especially on the weekend. The first weekend in November saw 31 road accidents recorded, 29 were minor and 2 were major accidents. Corporal Sherwin Noel says they have recognised that the leading contributing factor is irresponsible drivers who fail to observe traffic rules. Corporal Noel notes that motorists would do whatever is necessary to get the license by following the Highway Code and thereafter chaos on the road ensues.

he says they want to use the opportunity to emphasise the need to obey instructions according to the high way code, which he says is there to help prevent accidents and  protect both motorist and  pedestrians alike. he urge drivers to comply with the rules of the highway code the same way as when their license were sought. The concerns shared by the callers ranged from motorists driving in the middle of the road, overtaking in dangerous places, double parking to stopping at a pedestrian crossing. Corporal Noel highlights that the lack of respect for road traffic laws and courtesy on the road continue to play a major role in the heightened number of road accidents.

the law he said has not changed in relation to parking within thirty feet of a corner. It is constant and no amendments has been made to this law he said. in terms of double parking he said drivers should exercise consideration for other drivers.


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