Grenada Broadcasting Network

22nd June 2024




If your’e looking to travel to Grenada and have had your covid19 vaccine you will still be required to go through the same procedures as someone who has not been vaccinated.

Lack of vaccination verification is the reason.

That was Minister for Health Nickolas Steele during a recent post cabinet briefing where he explained that due to the lack of a vaccination certificate policy, all individuals travelling to Grenada, vaccinated or not, have to follow the same protocols.

A source close to GBN said several Grenadians abroad who have received both doses of the double-dose Pfizer vaccine have expressed interest in returning to Grenada, but are however disappointed that being vaccinated has zero impact on their quarantine regulations.

Minister Steele pointed to the fact that because the vaccines are new and a person can still be contagious for a while after vaccination, no risks can be taken.

The current quarantine regulations in Grenada stand at a minimum of 7 days in quarantine, during which individuals will be tested on the 5th day.

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