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14th July 2024




The vetting process for the voter registration list which is publicized and posted within the various constituencies does not stop at the parliamentary elections offices.

Citizens are being reminded about the importance of the public reviewing and reporting any discrepancies to the entire electoral process.

Supervisor of Elections Elvis Morain is urging citizens to get involved in the process of vetting the voters’ registration list now and not wait until an election is called.

The election tension is palpable in the air since the National Democratic Congress announced 7 of its caretakers last week, and the new national party prepares to host its convention on Sunday.

Mr. Morain says in the midst of the election fever, the office is committed to maintaining the integrity of the voter list.

Voter and Civic Education Officer at the Parliamentary Elections Office, Ferdinand Phillip notes that the vetting and verification process for the voter list begins at parliamentary elections offices.

However, Morain says the power lies with the people.

Phillip says legislation dictates that the voter list is posted at post offices, medical stations, other government offices as well as business places.

The Voter and Civic Education Officer says the list can also be found online.

Despite the layers of vetting for every application within the parliamentary election office, the officials impress that it is important for citizens to review and challenge the voters’ registration list wherever and whenever necessary.

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