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22nd April 2024




Addressing the pressing concern of gender-based violence took center stage during the 1-day capacity building ‘voices against violence’ training initiative.

The event focused on identifying and creating awareness around this longstanding issue, aiming to empower participants with the knowledge and skills needed to combat it effectively.

Gender-based violence can include   sexual assault, sexual harassment, rape, marital rape, domestic violence, physical abuse psychological and verbal abuse.

Facilitator Mrs. Daniela Harry Brathwaite sought to create greater awareness of gender-based violence awareness during the capacity-building initiative.

Guider at the St. Patrick’s Catholic School Ashanti Jones cited the need to challenge traditional societal norms to effectively address gender-based violence.

Petula Telesford, a Guider at St. Joseph’s Convent spoke to the relevance of the training in the face of escalating violence against our women and young girls.

Sexual offences against young girls have consistently dominated the criminal jurisdiction of the Supreme court.

There are fifty-seven sex-related cases listed for adjudication in the ongoing assizes, which comprises 116 matters.

The training initiative marks a significant step forward in empowering young women to advocate for themselves and contribute to a safer, more compassionate society.

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