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13th April 2024




With the increase in road fatalities for 2019, the Royal Grenada Police Force has become more vigilant with the issuance of tickets and other forms of deterrents, in the hope of curbing the number of road fatalities.

According to the head of the Community Relations Department of the RGPF Superintendent Vannie Curwen, the Traffic Department of the RGPF will continue to be proactive in its operations, to further sensitize the motoring public, in an effort to reduce the alarming number of accidents on the nation’s roads.

“Distractive driving is one of the major causes of our accidents.” Superintendent Curwen explained. “To date we have issued 167 fixed penalty tickets geared towards particularly people using mobile devices while driving.”

Police also revealed 252 fixed penalty tickets were issued for speeding and to date 2911 fixed penalty tickets were issued all together.

The Police’s PR man said the month of May was particularly concerning for lawmen. In that month along 117 fixed penalty tickets for defective tyres and 140 for speeding.

The Head of the community relations department say officers are working within the given laws to ensure that motorists adhere to the traffic laws, especially that of parking.

“We have seen a total breakdown of law and order and lawlessness when it comes to parking. We have seen motorists parking even if there is defined signage of ‘No Parking’. We are using more of our wheel clamps to clamp those vehicles. These are revenues for the Government and it gives us the authority to use whatever the law has given us to ensure there is enforcement of traffic laws. So apart from issuing fixed penalty tickets we are also using the wheel clamps as a means of deterrents.”

The lawman reiterated that following the most recent media engagement with the RGPF, the use of breathalyzers will be enforced within a matter of weeks.

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