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14th June 2024




Plastic shopping bags are being banned in Grenada.


Friday February 1st marked day one of the ban on the importation and local manufacture of single use plastic shopping bags with handles.


This as the Non-biodegradable Waste Control Act of 2018 takes effect.


From December 1st this year it will become illegal for importers to sell single use plastic bags to retailers.


The ban forms part of a phased out approach, towards sustainable waste management, environmental protection and health.


The plan, as explained by Minister with responsibility for climate resilience, forestry, fisheries and the environment Simon Stiell speaking at Tuesdays media brief,  is that Grenada will see the end of single use plastic shopping bags by the year 2020.


By February 1st 2020 when phase 3 will be enforced, no person shall offer for sale any food item in or with a single use plastic shopping bag with handle.


He added that the next ban government is looking to bring into fruition is that of Styro foam.


Already the importation ban on specified styro foam products took effect last September.


The minister urged people to start utilizing the alternatives to plastics and styrofoam, which are already in circulation with increased supplies.

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